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Asia-Ready Exposure Programme (AEP)

The Asia-Ready Exposure Programme (AEP) supports projects that provide youths with opportunities to gain meaningful exposure to ASEAN member states, China and India (ACI), and strengthening their competencies in building friendships and networks within the region.


The AEP aims to:

  1. Increase youth awareness and understanding of the social, cultural and political dimensions of the ACI cities;
  2. Increase awareness of the economic growth trajectories and opportunities in the ACI markets; and
  3. Broaden personal growth opportunities and youth ACI networks.

Are you a recognised education institution or an organisation based and registered in Singapore that is keen on providing our youths with opportunities for regional exposure? Or a group of youths who are passionate about helping other youths to better understand the fast-growing Asia region? Then click on the AEP Factsheet and FAQ to find out more. 


Alternatively, if you are a youth who would like to join the AEP as a participant, then click here for more information on the programme structure and eligibility. 


For further enquiries, please feel free to contact the AEP department at AEP_enquiries@nyc.gov.sg.

Grant Application

Interested applicants are to complete the online application and submit the required documents to NYC at least 3 months before the proposed AEP Project start date.

  1. Online Application Form
  2. Proposal, Budget & Endorsement Letter
  3. AEP Participant List (if ready)


Required Document for Closure


Applicants are to complete and submit the required documents via email to the officer-in-charge of your AEP application within 1 month of the end of the AEP Project.

  1. Closure Report & Statement of Accounts
  2. AEP Participant List (final)


NYC High Resolution Logo

NYC/AEP's support should be acknowledged on all media and publicity materials associated with the approved project from the date of notification of the grant award. Please refer to the AEP Factsheet for more details.

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