Pulau Ubin Camp 1 and 2

Occupying an approximate 9 hectares of land, Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) is fortunate to have our premises on Pulau Ubin, one of the few rugged terrains left in Singapore. With natural rugged terrains and the coastal sea surroundings, this provides a close to perfect environment for outdoor education.

With two campuses on Pulau Ubin (Camp 1 & Camp 2), there are a mixture of high and low elements obstacle courses and various facilities to complement your OBS experience such as:

  • Height Elements
  • Crafts for Water Activities
  • Safety Crafts
  • Dormitories
  • Learning Rooms (Breakout rooms)
  • Cookhouse
  • 24 hours Medical Centre

Safety is of utmost importance at OBS. Facilities and equipment undergo regular maintenance and safety checks. The facilities position OBS as one of the largest Outward Bound centres in the world. OBS also strives to maintain the highest safety standard in the industry.


As part of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, OBS will be opening a new campus on Coney Island ("OBS@Coney"). OBS@Coney, which occupies just about 10% of Coney Island, will add to OBS' existing premises on Pulau Ubin and feature new advanced obstacle courses. The campus infrastructure and training facilities will also be purpose-build to cater to a larger profile of participants. OBS@Coney will also have spaces for public access and enjoyment, while keeping the campus safe and secure.

Vision and concept for OBS@Coney campus:

1. Reforestation and conservation of mature trees to create a dense "forest" buffer zone that helps minimise disturbances from the campus to the adjacent parkland.

2. Sensitive shaping of landscape to harvest rainfall onsite in reducing potable water consumption, and create interactive water landscape features for participants.

3. Diversification of planting to help create new habitats for a wider range of fauna species.

Tune in for more updates as we are excited to continue our partnerships and engagement with our stakeholders (NParks, nature groups, and experts from the community) to minimise our environmental footprint on Coney Island – from seeking their inputs for the OBS@Coney campus design, putting in place environmental mitigating measures during the construction phase, to promoting environmental sustainability in OBS programmes.

Coney Island still remains open and accessible to all but we seek your understanding for any inconvenience caused by the construction, closer to the East Entrance. The alternative route via the East Entrance, will be with effect from Monday, 7 June.

To find out more about OBS@Coney, you may refer to some commonly asked questions in our FAQ. Alternatively, please email us at obs_coney@nyc.gov.sg if you have any queries or concerns pertaining to this development, and we will be happy to respond to you. Please also click here if you wish to be engaged for updates and/or involved when we solicit feedback and inputs for our OBS@Coney campus.

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