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Date Published : 04 January 2019

Singapore Youth Award 2018 Recipient Jason Chee



My motto in life is, “Never give up”. Whenever life throws you a curveball, hit it and never stop trying.”


When it comes to sports heroes, few are as inspiring as Jason Chee. He is a para-athlete, motivational speaker and an active member of the Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) Amputee Support Group, where he motivates members with similar limitations and encourages them to live life to the fullest through active lifestyles.


In 2012, Jason’s life changed when a naval ship accident led to the amputation of both his legs, his left arm and three fingers. In just six months after his accident, Jason had readjusted to his normal lifestyle and started training to become a para-athlete. Later, a battle with cancer left him blind in one eye. Despite these setbacks, Jason’s never-say-die attitude has seen him continue to excel in sports, and at life.


As a para-athlete, Jason’s achievements are outstanding. Since 2013, he has medalled 11 times in various competitions, including 5 medals at the ASEAN Para Games. Most recently, Jason took home one gold and one bronze medal at the 2017 ASEAN Para Games. In recognition of Jason’s sporting triumphs and for inspiring others as a role model, he was nominated for the 2017 Straits Times Singaporean of the Year Award, and received the 2018 Straits Times Athlete of the Year Award.


Beyond the sporting arena, Jason believes in influencing the wider community in Singapore – sharing his journey through sports and life, so as to motivate both the able-bodied and people with disabilities to continue pursuing their aspirations. Through the TTSH Amputee Support Group, Jason gives motivational support at the Tan Tock Seng Rehabilitation Centre and Ren Ci Nursing Home. Leveraging on his sporting expertise, Jason introduces table tennis as a form of therapy to patients at these group sessions.


For his resilience in the face of adversity and his determination to excel in his aspirations, Jason Chee is conferred the Singapore Youth Award 2018.

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