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Date Published : 31 July 2018


In a timely youth convo I recently participated in, we explored definitions of success among youths. #notasponsoredpost

It was then, when I realised we were brought up to believe there’s a fixed path to life: Get into a good JC, obtain a degree, get a stable office job, climb up the corporate ladder, somewhere along the way hopefully marry well, have wonderful children and live happily ever after. Maybe not you, maybe it’s just me.


But when did I start to become more conscious that these stories though may sound normal and familiar to many, are more often than not, outliers in my community? As much as this is 2018 we have all the technology and processes and efficiency, life is a crazy thing, and people are messy. I wish things were that straightforward and we all went down a certain success-guaranteed route. But when I looked carefully I realised I know more people doing gigs than I know those holding a “proper” job (or this may say something about my community lol). I know more weird families than I know of picture-perfect ones. Of course many a times those were not by choice but nonetheless these people are living dignified lives to the best they know how.


I think my point is, there are many roads to many more destinations. Many of my most respected heroes went on cray journeys and I wonder what it would have been like if their life followed that traditional story arc. I’m also still coming to terms with my own story that doesn’t adhere to that arc, and hopefully at the end of this life I can look back and know that I’ve done a good job.

Because even trees planted side by side aren’t ever expected to look the same. Can all be different and all be enough? #GoodEnoughTogether


 Author: Faye Lim


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