Outward Bound Singapore Team

Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) is committed to inspire individuals and transform
communities. The diverse mix of experiences and backgrounds of the OBS team aim to
provide a once in a lifetime experience for all participants.

Programme Development

The Programme Development team is the one behind the exciting and innovative OBS experience. Through a variety of outdoor activities, we also strive to impart core values to all participants through specifically designed team-based expeditions.

Programme Management

The Programme Management team communicates with stakeholders on behalf of OBS. From the screening of youth's registration forms to responding enquiries on youth programme-related matters. This team ensures the smooth coordination of all OBS programmes.


The team of qualified and experienced instructors is the practitioners of outdoor experiential learning that bring the OBS mission to life. They will be moral educators and safety officers for participants as they embark on their experiential outdoor journey.

Medical Services and Training

The in-house team of registered nurses plays a vital role in ensuring a safe OBS experience for all participants. These medical professionals operating our OBS Medical Centre screens the medical forms of all applicants. They also provide medical treatment to participants, where necessary.

Operations Management

This team taps on technology to relay environmental and real-live updates to instructors on the ground. They monitor the ground movements of all participants during an ongoing programme. They also conduct regular maintenance and safety checks of all equipment to ensure that safety is OBS's top priority.

Support Units

The OBS experience would not be possible without the supporting units who ensure smooth operations of our programmes. This would include:

  • Marine and Logistics Operations team, who overseas the daily ferry rides in and out of our campuses.
  • Facilities and Project Management team, who overseas facilities and landscaping of OBS campuses. They are also responsible for ensuring safe drinking water and meal preparation in Pulau Ubin.

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