OBS LSA - Discovering herself

I was nominated for Outward Bound Singapore Leadership and Service Award (OBS LSA) through Girl Guides Singapore by her Young Adults Commissioner. I had no idea what the award entails at first, except that it involves the 21-day Classic Challenge Course.

I remember sailing through a storm twice during our cutter expedition. At the end of both storms, we were greeted by double rainbows! While nerve wrecking, I felt that this was a reflection of our personal life— the journey may not be smooth sailing, but we have to stay committed, persevere and keep trying.

21 days made everyone like family to me. My watch-mates and course-mates encouraged me and reminded me to give my best throughout the course. We still do meet once in a while and even had a barbecue session at the start of this year just to catch up!

The OBS LSA is truly an experience you will never forget. You may doubt yourself along the way. You will be pushed out of your comfort zones to face your fears, but don't forget, "You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of shore.