Edwin Tong

Chairperson, and Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Second Minister for Law



Alvin Tan

Deputy Chairperson, and Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth & Trade and Industry


  • nyc-council-member-sps-rahayu-mahzam

    Rahayu Mahzam

    Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Health & Law

  • nyc-council-member-alecia-neo

    Alecia Neo

    Artist and Co-founder, Brack and Unseen Art Initiatives

  • nyc-council-member-eugenia-lim

    Eugenia Lim

    Divisional Director, Student Development Curriculum Division 2, Ministry of Education

  • nyc-council-member-faridah-bte-mohd-saad

    Faridah Bte Mohd Saad

    President, MENDAKI Club

  • nyc-council-member-francesca-wah

    Francesca Wah

    Founder, Bringing Love to Every Single Soul (BLESS)

  • nyc-council-member-hafiz-kasman

    Hafiz Kasman

    Co-founder, Kinobi

  • nyc-council-member-hamid-razak

    Dr Hamid Razak

    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sengkang General Hospital

  • nyc-council-member-he-ruiming

    He Ruiming

    Co-Founder, The Woke Salaryman

  • nyc-council-member-jen-goh

    Jen Goh

    Co-founder, Hopefull and Associate, Philanthropy, The Majurity Trust

  • nyc-council-member-juliana-chan

    Dr Juliana Chan

    CEO, Wildtype Media Group

  • nyc-council-member-karl-mak

    Karl Mak

    CEO, Hepmil Media Group

  • nyc-council-member-ken-chua

    Ken Chua

    Chairman, People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM) Council and Paya Lebar Youth Network

  • nyc-council-member-kenneth-lou

    Kenneth Lou

    Co-founder & CEO, Seedly

  • nyc-council-member-li-woon-churdboonchart

    Li Woon Churdboonchart

    Founder, The Volunteer Switchboard

  • nyc-council-member-lim-ee-ling

    Lim Ee Ling

    Executive Director, Global Programs, 500 Global and Co-founder & CEO, Smarter Me

  • nyc-council-member-melissa-low

    Melissa Low

    Research Fellow, Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions, NUS

  • nyc-council-member-shahira-abdullah

    Dr Shahira Binte Abdullah

    Associate Consultant, Orthodontics, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

  • nyc-council-member-syed-harun-alhabsyi

    Dr Syed Harun Alhabsyi

    Consultant Psychiatrist, Better Life Psychological Medicine Clinic

  • nyc-council-member-viaano-spruyt

    Viaano Spruyt

    Member, Eurasian Association Youth Committee and Founder, Huddlehumans

  • nyc-council-member-wendy-tan

    Wendy Tan

    Head (Covering Director), Youth Development, Young NTUC

  • nyc-council-member-winston-wong

    Winston Wong

    Special Education Needs Officer, Temasek Polytechnic

  • nyc-council-member-yip-pin-xiu

    Yip Pin Xiu

    Team Singapore Athlete

  • nyc-council-member-yuvan-mohan

    Yuvan Mohan

    Chairman, SINDA Youth Club

  • nyc-council-member-zulayqha-zulkifli

    Zulayqha Zulkifli

    Co-founder, Project Hills