Youth Insights

The National Youth Council (NYC) Singapore provides a variety of resources on youth-related information to help sector partners better understand our youths in Singapore. Regular surveys, polls, and longitudinal studies on youth attitudes, sentiments, life goals, and career aspirations ensure we are attuned to the pulse of young Singaporeans.

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More Youth Insights

Curious about the youth landscape? Read on to gain greater understanding of Singapore's youths in areas such as their aspirations, employment, social networks, and well-being.

Youth Studies

The National Youth Council (NYC) Singapore conducts flagship youth studies that understand the issues and experiences of youths,  with the insights informing policies and programmes that support youth development in Singapore. Find our detailed reports and studies here.

Youth Engagements In Partnership with Government Agencies

Our partnership with youths is what shapes the National Youth Council. We work with a myriad of partners, including government agencies, for young people to have a voice on national issues.

These issues could range from transport to environment & sustainability, and mental health wellbeing. As part of the on-going Forward Singapore (FSG) exercise launched by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong in 2022, youth engagements played a key role in raising issues which the Government and Youths need to work on together, so as to strengthen our social compact. This was done through a series of seven National Youth Dialogues. Watch the highlights from some of these FSG led National Youth Dialogues below.

Types of Youth Engagements

Beyond giving youth a space to address policy issues, we promote civic participation amongst youth. Singapore is a small country that is ethnically and religiously diverse, and differences can only be bridged with civic conversations. Differences shape us as individuals, but being able to agree to disagree respectfully, shapes us as a society.

  • National Youth Dialogues

    The National Youth Dialogues is a series of seven dialogues organised in partnership between NYC and the Global Shapers Community (Singapore Hub) under the Forward Singapore exercise.

  • Budget

    NYC has supported the Ministry of Finance in series of pre and post Budget engagements in past years. Find out more about our partnership for Budget 2024.

  • Kopi Sessions

    These sessions allow youths from NYC communities (Holler!, INSPIRIT, YCS etc) to engage with like-minded peers and share their views on issues that matter to them.

  • Civic Conversations

    Civic conversations nurture empathy and understanding and are key to maintaining our social cohesion.

  • NYC & Youth Partners

    NYC works with youth associations and student unions and connect them with the Government to co-create policies that impact youth directly.