Youth Action Challenge

The Youth Action Challenge (YAC) is a key thrust of the SG Youth Action Plan (SG YAP), empowering youths to champion ground-up initiatives in partnership with government, businesses and community organisations. The programme provides opportunities for youths to turn their ideas into reality through a series of curated workshop, mentorship and guidance from experienced industry professionals.

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Participatory Budgeting Exercise

The Participatory Budgeting exercise has ended.

Thank you to the over 1,600 youths who participated in this exercise. Your votes have been aggregated and translated into actual grants that teams will receive to bring their projects to life.

Youth Agency

The Evolution of Youth Action in Singapore has galvanized the Government, businesses and civil society to come together and create a nurturing ecosystem for youths to thrive. Partnerships with the private, people and public sectors enable NYC to expand our networks and broaden the range of development opportunities youths can tap on to discover their potential.

Since NYC formalised our partnership with Citi Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 2019 for the YAC (left), countless youths have launched successful initiatives in mental health, environment & sustainability issues, inclusivity and support for society’s vulnerable. Watch Chief Executive Officer of NYC, David Chua share about Why Partners Are Important To Us for youth agency.

Recent Youth Action Challenge (YAC) Projects

Over 180 youths were guided by industry experts, government representatives and mentors at the last Youth Action Challenge Season 5 (October’23 to January’24). The programme culminated in a Final Open Mic session, followed by a Participatory Budgeting exercise that will take place mid-Feb 2024. Look out for it!

Get to know some of our teams and themes from Season 4 below. Find out more about
Season 1Season 2Season 3,  Season 4, and Season 5!

Caring & Inclusive
Society - Intergenerational

Caring & Inclusive Society - Intergenerational Bonding


Rosemadame Craftwork aims to raise awareness about dementia and actively involve youth in the dementia scene through education and engagement.

Caring & Inclusive
Society - Caring for

Caring & Inclusive Society - Caring for Caregivers


Project Accessible Adventures aims to curate Lifestyle Guides for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) primarily using wheelchairs in Singapore, facilitating efficient navigation of lifestyle places.


Food Security


Project DreamGreen aims to create lasting change in the attitudes and behaviors of everyday Singaporean families toward sustainable living by facilitating learning experiences that allow them to grow their own produce while bonding and learning together.

& Safety

Digital Inclusion & Safety


Digi-Up! is dedicated to upskilling and empowering individuals aged 55 and above, helping them adapt to the digital era and overcome challenges in navigating technology and digital platforms.

Well-being &
Resilience - 
Financial Literacy

Well-being & Resilience - Financial Literacy


Financial Crusaders is dedicated to addressing the financial literacy gap among students by creating an interactive and user-friendly educational game.

Well-being &
Resilience -
Healthy Living

Well-being & Resilience - Healthy Living


RunAI addresses the common challenge of people losing interest in running by enhancing the experience with interactive audio gamification and customized training plans, aiming to keep runners engaged and motivated.


YAC Partners

"The impact of our community programmes is restricted to the resource of one organisation when we do good as standalone entities, whereas if we come together to synergise our efforts like what Youth Co:Lab has done through the YAC initiative, we become a greater force for good." - Mr Tibor Pandi, Citi Country Officer for Singapore

The Youth Co:Lab initiative is the largest youth movement for empowerment, social entrepreneurship, equality and social inclusion in Asia Pacific.


"As a trisectoral partnership through the YAC, each of us (NYC, Citi and UNDP), has key areas of value-add and, we complement each other to offer a well-rounded programme for our youth innovators in Singapore. In addition, Youth Co:Lab offers exposure at the regional level also to the teams, and crowds-in other resources from our ecosystem partners." - Mr Niloy Banerjee, UNDP Resident Representative for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam

Youth Co:Lab Champions from Youth Action Challenge Season 4

Two teams who were crowned Youth Co:Lab Champions from this year’s Youth Action Challenge Season 4 joined other teams and entrepreneurs from around Asia-Pacific to pitch their solutions to challenges faced across the region. Held in Bangkok from 11 to 14 July 2023, three of our youth entrepreneurs from Teams SpedGrow and Project Enigma had the opportunity to attend the Summit to showcase their project and network with fellow entrepreneurs as well as ecosystem builders in the region. Our youths also participated in the Regional Demo Day where young social entrepreneurs like themselves showcased their innovative solutions and ideas in front of other youth entrepreneurs, Venture Capital Companies and representatives from around the region.

Co-organised by UNDP and Citi Foundation, the Youth Co:Lab Summit serves as a key milestone for the regional youth empowerment agenda by positioning young people and their innovative ideas, front and centre to solve the region’s most pressing challenges.

Founder of Project Enigma, Ramu Vairavan, shares his reflections and takeaways from the Youth Co:Lab Summit where he showcased Project Engima’s work and networked with other young entrepreneurs across the region. Read more about his experience here.

Support Youth Action

Partnership is key in delivering a holistic programme to our youths and supporting them through their journey in the YAC. NYC welcomes partners from the public, private and people sectors to contribute as mentors, speakers, industry experts and with incubation space support.