The AEP aims to:
1. Increase youth awareness and understanding of the social, cultural and political dimensions of the ACI cities;
2. Increase awareness of the economic growth trajectories and opportunities in the ACI markets; and
3. Broaden personal growth opportunities and youth ACI networks.
The AEP will be co-organised and co-funded by NYC and its partners from the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), Youth Sector Organisations (YSOs) and corporates.

Programme Phases
The AEP comprises of 3 mandatory phases: Preparation, AEP Project and Closure. All participants must commit to the entire duration and complete all phases of the programme.

Desired Outcomes
At the end of the AEP, participants will achieve the following outcomes:

1. Cultural Awareness: Greater interest and awareness of the differences between cultures in ACI countries; and
2. Global Perspectives: Understand issues affecting other countries, and the opportunities and challenges that these countries have.

Eligibility for AEP
Interested youths must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for AEP funding:

1. Be a Singapore Citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident aged 15 to 35 years old, who are either currently studying in an IHL or have graduated from an IHL for not more than 3 years;
2. Have not been funded under the AEP before*; and
3. Fulfil any other criteria that are specific to the AEP project.

* Exceptions will be made for select group of youths who will benefit from additional support.

How to apply?

Interested youths can apply for the AEP through NYC or the respective host organisation / organiser. Please look out for publicity on upcoming AEP projects via our AEP catalogue below and follow the application instructions. You may also wish to subscribe to our ad-hoc email blasts with a focus on International Opportunities offered by NYC through the NYC International Open Call form

Endorsing Organisations
Organisations or youth groups that are interested in co-curating AEP projects with NYC may get more information on the AEP grant and details here.

Calendar of Opportunities
Keep a lookout via our AEP catalogue where we will be publicising the upcoming AEP projects for application.

Note: Project applications will typically close at least 2 weeks before the stated start date or earlier if the project is oversubscribed. Applications for over-subscribed projects may reopen again if additional placements are offered.

AEP Resources Page
Click here to go the new Asia-Ready Resources, your first-stop digital portal for youth news and trends and your one-stop place for regional happenings and culture finds. Learn more about the AEP experience through our Asia-Ready webinars and personal sharing / content pieces from the youth participants.