How can you be involved in the youth panels?

Policy-making is not a linear process. It is a complex one which includes citizen consultations, cost benefit analysis, research and data analysis, and if needed, more rounds of engagements to ensure what gets implemented is in the best interest of the country and Singaporeans. If you have been involved in any public feedback exercise or even taken part in a youth dialogue on issues you care about, you are already participating in some part of the policy making process. Depending on your level of interest, the National Youth Council offers a range of engagement opportunities from dip stick polls on social media to youth engagements with political office holdersfocus group discussions and even opportunities to work with industry and government officials to ideate and develop solutions to issues of the day.

As a youth panellist, you will be part of a panel working with the Government on policy-making; and depending on your skillsets, you will be involved in different ways, be it in conducting research, supporting engagements, analysing data, or even sense-making.

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What to expect as a youth panellist

Youth panels will take up to a year and if you are selected, you and your teammates will be meeting regularly as a team. You will also interact with government officials from various agencies. As most of you will be meeting your teammates for the first time in this programme, there will be several ice-breaker sessions to help you get to know each other. Each youth panel will have leaders who will guide you through the programme. There will also be mentors attached to you a different junctures of the programme to support you and your teammates during the programme.

Interested to be part of the National Youth Council youth panels? Want to give your views on topics youth panelists should tackle? Engage with the Government on topics you care deeply for?

The National Youth Council will reach out to you on participation opportunities within 5 working days after you have indicated your interest. Do note that this is not a confirmation of participation yet.

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