Progress of the youth panels

The youth panel journey kicked off with Phase 1 (Discover & Define) where youth underwent introductory and equipping workshops on policy-making and design innovation. 

The panels are now deep in Phase 2 (Design & Deliver) where they engage in panel-led discussions, research, learning journeys and engagement – together with government agencies – to deliberate on the policy areas and potential recommendations.

Phase 3 (Submission of Recommendations) will commence in August 2024 with the potential presentation of their policy recommendations at the Youth Policy Forum and to share them with the larger population.

Dharma Halyn Deun, 31 / #GreenHacks

"I thought it's just a bunch of people having a cup of coffee and throw words around. It is not. I'm currently in research and I felt overwhelmed at first by the sheer amount of effort. However, I'm still persistent as the passion I have for the #GreenHacks is something that isn't easily extinguished."


Sonia D/O Yogasundaram, 21 / #JobHacks

"From the design innovation workshops, learning about the known-unknown matrix has been particularly useful as it helped us frame the problem/opportunity statement. It helped us better categorise problem aspects which were well understood apart from those that required us to explore further. This ultimately helped us prioritise critical areas for research and identify any potential risks that could be present."


Darrius Tan, 20 / #LifeHacks

"I look forward to hearing about the lives and aspirations of other Singaporeans. Policymaking is an amalgamation of a people's hopes and desires; after all, what is Singapore without our people? I hope to learn from people from different backgrounds, broaden my horizons and ensure that my panel's proposals remain citizen-centric and attuned to ground sentiments."


Matthew Ng, 23 / #TechHacks

"In the process of engaging with design innovation workshops and literature for our tech panel, we learned the importance of balancing broad innovation with the need for ethical boundaries. This balance is critical to ensure that technological advancements are not only groundbreaking but also ethically sound and socially responsible. We realised the necessity of a framework that promotes innovation while safeguarding ethical standards and societal well-being."

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Individual Panel Details

The panels of #LifeHacks, #JobHacks, #TechHacks, and #GreenHacks have been set up to look into issues on financial security, careers and lifelong learning, digital-wellbeing, and environment and sustainability respectively.

  • #LifeHacks

    With financial security being a top-of-mind issue for youth, the #LifeHacks youth panel will conduct a deeper study to better understand the challenges faced by various youth segments.

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  • #JobHacks

    Addressing youth concerns about opportunities for career development and lifelong learning, the #JobHacks panel seeks to identify and plug gaps within the labour market.

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  • #TechHacks

    With youths being the most frequent users of technology, the #TechHacks panel aims to look at how digital well-being can be enhanced, and online harms mitigated.

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  • #GreenHacks

    Our youths care deeply for the environment, and the #GreenHacks panel will look at ways to tackle environmental sustainability issues that Singaporeans face.

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