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Since the announcement of the youth panels, NYC has been engaging with youths to understand issues that youths care about as we work with partners to confirm on the topics and its respective problem statements for the youth panels to tackle. Small group discussions with youth leaders and senior government officials are on-going to help NYC drill down broad policy topics, which usually include multiple cross cutting sub-topics and policy overlaps, to more specific issues that the youth panels would be able to address in the next year. Five small group discussions have been conducted so far and we expect to continue to engage youths until NYC announces the areas panel members will be addressing by October.

Check out these happy faces at the discussions 😀

Youths involved in the inaugural youth panels

Over 300 youths have also expressed their interest to take part in the youth panels. Many have registered through this page whereas others have reached out to our partners, MCCY, colleagues and even our CEO, David Chua!


We have started organising townhalls for youths keen to get involved to address all their burning questions and the required commitment from youths when they choose to co-create policies with the government. Policy work is complex and time-consuming and we want youths to be aware of what they getting involved in. That said, it will also be a rewarding experience for youths keen to understand how policies are developed to benefit Singaporeans despite our different needs, expectations, and aspirations.

Read the details that were shared in our first town hall here

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TLDR? Let NYC's CEO David Chua answer your burning questions about Youth Panels?

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