Our Singapore Leadership Programme (OSLP) 2022

Creating opportunities for youth people to be engaged members of society is what drives the National Youth Council’s youth engagements. To engage meaningfully with young Singaporeans, these youth engagement provides a safe space for youths to voice their views, understand different perspectives and discuss their concerns and aspirations amongst their peers, with civil society and the Government.

For example, Minister Edwin Tong was recently asked what the Government was doing to redefining different pathways to success and if a national mental health metric was in the works. His views help our young people understand the trade-offs, challenges, role of stakeholders and the multi-faceted considerations that go into policy making.


Through online and face to face engagements, youths from a range of educational institutions, interest groups and life experiences come together to participate in civic discourse. By cultivating an openness to diverse views and a culture of understanding and consensus building, youth engagements set the motion for youths to play an important role in building a caring and cohesive Singapore.

Find out more about past conversations on Singapore Spirit, Jobs & Future of Work, and Mental Wellbeing.