The National Youth Council has partnered the Ministry of Finance to conduct pre and post budget youth engagements from as early as 2020. Read more here.


Do you know how the Singapore Budget 2023 will benefit the youth?
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For Budget 2023, a pre-budget engagement was conducted under the Forward SG exercise. Youths engaged in an interactive Quadratic Voting exercise which enabled them to understand the challenges in balancing perspectives and trade-offs in policymaking to address competing needs of society. Watch this video for more details how quadratic voting works.

The Kopi Company was also commissioned to deep dive into the shifting priorities of the Government over the years and where money is being spent. Read more here. developed digestible reads on youth centric announcements at Budget 2023 to raise awareness on issues that will impact young Singaporeans.

A digital engagement campaign  - You(th)ink also helps youths understand more about the announcements.

Post-Budget 2023

The Post-Budget 2023 dialogue discussed the importance and relevance of the National Budget to youths, and dived into key aspects such as education, employment opportunities, cost of living, sustainability and support for vulnerable groups. Youths also asked how Singapore could "grow its pie" economically to ensure that all Singaporeans benefit, and the panellists shared some resources and support systems that youths could tap on.

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Participant Feedback

Hear from our participants how they found the Budget engagement.

...of how the Budget is allocated


...of policies and programmes that affect Singapore.


...Govt considerations in policy formulation