Through Kopi Sessions, youths are assured of a safe space to start conversations, respectfully share their unique views and broaden their perspectives about national issues.

The National Youth Council has supported youth-led talks and workshops on topics youths are concerns about. Details of three recent peer to peer engagements can be found below.

After the Singapore Budget 2023 was delivered in parliament, 45 youth participants engaged in discussions about the rising cost of living, and learned about money management from He Ruiming, Jasmine Ang and Jeremy Huang.  Youths were encouraged to establish clear financial goals and start financial planning early, and to adjust their financial habits as the process in their professional careers.  Read more here

37 youth participants came together with Nabillah Jalal, Danial Hakim and Rovik Robert to discuss how Singaporeans can stay united and maintain a strong social fabric while navigating different societal perspectives.  Find out more here

David Hoe, Siti Nurbiah Daud, and Adriana Rasip to explore the topic of Social Inequality and Mobility with 30 youth participants in discussions about making Singapore a more equal and inclusive society. Discover what was shared here.