In an increasingly globalised and inter-connected economy, global readiness helps to improve individual competitiveness and better prepares one for the future. A key way to empower Singaporean youths to be global ready is through meaningful overseas exposure, as it helps to build cultural awareness and global perspectives. But what are youth’s participation in overseas exposure programmes like, and how do they feel about our regional neighbours of ASEAN, China & India (ACI)? Read on below to find out, and learn about the various benefits that overseas exposure confer for youth’s global readiness.

1. Youth participation in overseas exposure programmes

In 2022, over 1 in 2 youths had participated in at least one school-based overseas programme. Among these youths, most had participated in an overseas study / school trip.


2. Youth sentiments towards ASEAN, China & India (ACI)

As key Asian economies (e.g., ACI) continue to grow (Ang, 2022), it is important for Singaporean youths to have greater exposure to the region to capture the opportunities that arise from this growth. In 2022, it was found that while more youths held positive views towards ACI, fewer had connections in ACI that they could work with.


3. Benefits of overseas exposure to youth’s competencies & future readiness

Research from our 2022 National Youth Survey found that youths who had participated in at least one overseas programme (school or non-school based) also tended to report greater competencies and future readiness.


With the above potential benefits to be reaped, youths can tap on exposure opportunities in the ASEAN, China & India (ACI) region, via programmes such as the Asia-Ready Exposure Programme, Youth Expedition Project and ASEAN Youth Fellowship, for their development to be future and global ready.

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